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  Filling Machine for Tapping of Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)
  This repackaging machine is capable of unloading the contents of a 1000 Litre IBC into packaging cans of 25kg by the use of gravity flow. The accuracy of the machine is 0.25 % and it can repackage the 1000 Litre IBC in under 50 minutes. The material used for construction is SS 316 and is designed for hygienic applications. The lance and hoses can be cleaned very easily.

The equipment is designed to be used on site and needs only an electrical connection and space to operate. With this equipment the cost of freight for the cans is reduced and only the IBC’s can be shipped and repackaged at the point of use by simple cost effective equipment. The IBC can be loaded by crane / forklift / placed on the ground (for models with pump).
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