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About Us
Equipment Fabricators was established in the year 1986 in Bangalore, India. Over the years we have excelled in the field of Alloy Steel Fabrication and Alloy Fabrication. Today we are one of the most experienced and sought after companies in Southern India when it comes to Alloy Steel Fabrication and design, Alloy Fabrication and Skid Mounted Process Systems especially in the fields of Sterility and Cleanability Critical Process Requirements.

  Solutions we provide include:
Engineer and Fabricate Alloy and Alloy Steel stand alone Process Equipment
Engineer and Integrate a complete Skid Mounted Process System
Engineer, Plan and Execute High Purity Piping Systems for Gasses and Liquids
Equipment Fabricators caters to the complete vertical when it comes to Process Systems. We have our in house teams to Design, Build and Validate Process Equipment and Piping Systems.

  Our capabilities include:
Complete solutions for your process system needs
Project Management
With the in-depth knowledge gained through years of experience, we undertake execution of complete process facilities for Pharmaceutical R&D Laboratories, Biologicals and Injectables Manufacturing Plants, Semiconductor Facilities and Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing Facilities.

The team has years of experience in Alloy and Alloy Steel Fabrication and is constantly pioneering solutions in Orbital Welding and Alloy Fabrication. We have the capability to weld special alloys like Hastalloy, AL6XN, Duplex and all Grades of Stainless Steel. In the field of piping we have the capability to weld Inconel, Titanium, AL6XN, Duplex and all Grades of Stainless Steel and polymer piping.

Our growing team of 145 Engineers, Managers and workmen provide services to global clients such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Dupont, GE John F. Welch Technology Centre and many more.

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Equipment Fabricators & TATA BP Solar:
Equipment Fabricators recently received an award of appreciation from TATA BP Solar. Tata BP Solar is a Joint Venture between Tata Power Company, a pioneer in the power sector and BP Solar, one of the largest Solar Companies in the world. The award was received by Mr. Porus Shroff for the successful completion of the piping for the 32 MW Solar PV cell line (Line 3) at TATA BP Solar in Bangalore, India.

More about TATA BP Solar

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